Uniform Tax Rebate

Uniform Tax Rebate

These days wearing a uniform is common with the paramilitary organizations like police etc. and the armed forces. These help them, stand out of the crowd so that they can be easily recognizable and also distinguish them for the service they do. These uniforms not only make them feel proud but also have an imposing effect on others and with the presence of a person in uniform, can change the mood of people around.

Uniforms deliver functional benefits, like wearer safety. For example, flame resistant (FR) workwear can help prevent injuries caused by accidental electrical arc flashes or flash fires, and high visibility uniforms can help protect workers from being struck by motorized vehicles.

Uniforms can enable customers to identify employees in a store setting, eliminating the possibility of a customer erroneously asking a fellow consumer for help. Employees wearing a uniform inspire confidence in the consumer by announcing that the individual is a professional with product knowledge and a willingness to help. A uniform puts the force of the corporate reputation behind the individual, making him look reliable and trustworthy as a company representative.

When you are all of the employees are wearing the same uniform, it truly feels like that everyone is part of the group. A uniform fosters team unity, which in turn can keep players motivated to succeed. It also creates solidarity between players and fans. Having a strong fan base is essential to a team’s morale, motivating players even further.

When wearing a uniform regardless of the service or organization you belong to you should have the utmost respect for it Those who are going through a training period to earn the right to wear an official logo or uniform should always go above and beyond the call of duty to keep it properly cleaned, pressed, and presentable. With the idea kept in mind that not only are they not yet capable of wearing something with such high honors or prestige, but that a uniform that is dirty, wrinkled, or anything else simply proves to those who are training these individuals that not only do you not care about the valor of the uniform. But you also do not care about those who have come before you and risked and given their lives daily in that uniform

HMRC recognizes that you that will spend a lot of money for the upkeep of your uniform. For most occupations there is a laundry allowance but a higher allowance is allowed to the fire service due to the unique and special care that it needs.

As a Fireman you are eligible for a tax deduction if the clothing you wear to work is:

  • A uniform
  • Protective clothing
  • Clothing with signage or branding of business that is occupation specific

You should be qualified for the refund if your employer requires you to wear the outfit at work and you’re responsible for washing and maintaining it yourself. You also have to have paid income tax during the year or years you wish to claim for.

The amount you could get depends on how you apply, applying directly can be a bit of a hassle and takes a lot of to and from HMRC or you can use services to claim unifrom tax rebate (they do charge like £25 per application whatever the amount of rebate) The standard rate is £60 for the current tax year (2016/2017), which means that basic rate taxpayers could claim back £12 a year (20 per cent of £60), while higher rate taxpayers could claim £24 (40 per cent of the £60 allowance).

HMRC only provides or entertains a tax refund for uniforms on the basis of the last four years of your working contract or employment. So a basic rate taxpayer could reclaim £60 in total.

However, there are some professions who are entitled to even more money back. Joiners, Carpenters and ambulance staff have a £140 annual deduction, which means that a base rate taxpayer could claim £28 a year or £140 in total.