Uniform Tax Rebate in UK

Are you a worker who is required to wear a proper uniform to work and constantly deals with its maintenance – laundry, repair, and replacement – without any assistance from your employer? Do you pay your income tax yearly on your earnings? Then you may be qualified for a Uniform Tax Rebate from HM Revenue and Customs.

According to statistics, 2 in 3 employees who wear uniform at work are entitled to a tax rebate. However, only 1 out of 3 actually claims his refund. A lot of people do not know about this information and greatly miss out on this opportunity. It is basically a rebate scheme introduced by HMRC for employees who wear a required uniform to work. Any type of workers – from teachers, healthcare workers, to any employees who wear recognizable uniform – can file for a tax rebate as long as they paid their income tax.

This, of course, varies according to your job position and annual tax. You are eligible for it whether you wear protective clothing or a simple shirt with your company logo. Another good thing about this is you can claim as far back as the last 4 years of your tax.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are among the group of employees who are qualified for tax rebate. They purchase their own uniforms and laboratory gowns, and spend money for maintenance. Other workers who are qualified for the said refund who belong in the health industry are: midwives, dentist, dental nurses, laboratory staff, ward clerks, pharmacists, therapists, ambulance staff, hospital receptionists, and other uniformed staff.

It is also applicable to cabin crew or airline staff. If you work in an airline, chances are you are spending a certain amount of money to preserve your uniform, which aids in performing your job effectively. If your employer does not give you any allowance for the price of cleaning your uniform, then you are most certainly qualified to claim your tax rebate. Cabin crews pride themselves on being presentable that is why they allot not only their time and effort, but also their money in keeping their uniforms at their best. It is one of the professions that really cost a lot when it comes to uniform expenses. That is why claiming uniform tax rebate from HM Revenue and Customs is a big help to cabin crews.

Another group of employees who are qualified for it are police officers. If you are an officer who takes pride on being well-dressed and looking respectable – but your employer doesn’t contribute to the cost of washing and maintaining your uniform, or doesn’t provide washing facilities for you – then you are entitled for a tax rebate. This also includes private security officers or bodyguards.

However, officers in the armed forces don’t really need to proceed with it because the expense for the maintenance of their uniforms are usually covered with their tax code. If you are in the police force, you should also check if your designated force has a specific way of claiming their uniform tax rebate for you to avoid the hassle of filing it on your own.

This tax refund does not only apply to these kinds of professions – it applies to many other industries as well. Other occupations that may be due a tax refund from HM Revenue and Customs are:  retail workers, mechanics, carpenters, public transport drivers, train conductors, plumbers, builders, and many more.

The real question is, how much can you really claim? The total amount of uniform tax rebate you can claim depends on your job or the kind of industry you work for – although HM Revenue and Customs agreed higher allowances for some kinds of professions. The annual tax for year 2016-2017 has a standard flat rate expense allowance (FREA) of £60 for uniform maintenance.

It means that basic taxpayers can claim £12 and high taxpayers £24. Workers can also claim as far back as the past 4 years of tax. You can claim your uniform tax rebate by filing a form – which you can find online – and sending it to HM Revenue and Customs PO Box. You can also contact the HMRC helpline for more info.