Are you Due a Tax Rebate?

Working everyday just to earn a living is hard, but the added tax that you need to pay each year makes it harder to earn enough for yourself and your family. Tax rebate – or often called tax relief – is HM Revenue and Custom’s way of refunding your overly paid tax. It is a big help especially to workers because it somehow lessens their expenses – but the question is, how can someone determine if he is due for a tax rebate?

First, let us know who are qualified for it. Any kind of workforce – whether it be public or private – is qualified for a tax rebate as long as you pay your tax every year. It is a fact that your tax depends on your income but claiming your tax rebate is not widely known. If you are a worker who uses your own money for travel or to buy things for work – without any help from your employer – then it is safe to say that you are due a tax rebate.

However, if your employer provided you with assistance or helped pay for these expenses then you can’t claim your tax refund. This only applies if these necessary things you spend your own money on are used just for your work, not for your own. Another good thing about this is you can claim as far as the last 4 years of your tax. This is why you should be aware and keep a record of all your expenses.

One great example of this is Tools Tax Rebate. This applies to mechanics, plumbers, conductors, and other workers who buy their own tools or safety gear for work. They can gain back the cost of their expenses especially if their employer doesn’t contribute to it. Examples of these tools are: tool chest for mechanics, sportswear for PE teachers, or cutting boards and knives for chefs.

Any worker who is required to wear a uniform to work and solely shoulders the expense of its maintenance – repair, laundry, replacement – can also claim a uniform tax rebate. Cabin crews or flight attendants, police officers, and healthcare workers are just some examples of this. It includes any kind of industry as long as you wear a uniform or even a shirt with your company’s logo.

If you are required to go to different places for your work and you solely pay for your travel fees, you can definitely claim a tax rebate. This includes transit visas to the countries you visit, transportation, and other miscellaneous fees. It is mandatory that the employer should shoulder this kind of expenses but if not, you can claim it back.

Healthcare workers can also claim for a refund if they pay for subscription taxes for professional or insurance. HM Revenue and Customs specifically made a list of accepted bodies for tax refund. The same goes for UK Police – they are qualified to claim a refund for their police federation subscriptions. Even workers from security industry can also gain back the cost they spent on registration and different licenses.

Claiming your tax rebate is really easy if you know the right procedure. Your refund heavily depends on your annual tax and the amount you are claiming for. You need to fill up forms like Self-Assessment tax return or P80 form and then send it to HM Revenue and Customs PO Box, or you can directly phone them through their helpline. It greatly helps to have the necessary documents and records for your claims.

Deducting your tax from your salary may be a big burden to many workers in the UK, that is why little things like getting a refund from your tax is a great help. Aside from claiming the cost of your expenses, it can also reduce your taxes in the future.

It is important that workers know how to claim their tax rebate because it is not something that is automatically reduced from your tax. Workers from different industries will benefit from this if they are aware of its existence. If you are spending your own money for work-related things that your employer should handle, then you are definitely due a tax rebate.